The history of the Yanush Gioielli brand takes roots in a small jewellery shop, where a young and talented master used to work. During night shifts Yanush mastered his skills while working with precious metals.

Later, having acquired the experience and skills of ancient masters, passed from generation to generation, Yanush started experimenting with gemstones.

Tourmalines, diamonds, smoky topazes, citrines, amethysts, corals – these are just a few of the gemstones that Yanush worked with.

Having mastered the classical art of gold work, Yanush started experimenting – creating countless unexpected combinations of materials and forms, fully plunging into the ocean of his talent.

A few years later, Yanush opened his first boutique in Paris, presenting a unique collection of jewellery. By that time, Yanush was already a renowned jeweller and participated in various jewellery exhibitions.

Among the loyal customers of the Yanush Gioielli jewellery house are politicians, businessmen and show business stars, as well as numerous experts and connoisseurs of luxury and jewellery products.

Now the time to open a new boutique in Moscow has come.

The Yanush Gioielli brand in Russia became a reality also due to Yanush's cooperation with his long-time partner – the exclusive exporter of Yakut diamonds to Hong Kong, Europe and the United States, well-known Russian businessman – Nikolai Hihinashvili.

Due to this partnership, for the first time jewellery with diamonds of the highest class, which were previously sold only in exclusive diamond markets for famous jewellery brands, can be acquired in Moscow.

Yanush Gioielli is more than just a name. It is a number of in a class by itself collections and unique jewellery, created by individual orders and released in small series.

It is magnificent pieces of art, rich in gems with skilful cutting.

Now any of you can frame your dream in precious metal, and line it with gems.